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Absolute EMS Industrial and Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

“Engineering can focus on its core competency and be confident in the quality and scalability of manufacturing…”

Industrial/ Green Technology

Industrial and Semiconductor EMS

As a developer of industrial and semiconductor products, you not only require fast time-to-market to be competitive but also precision manufacturing capability, long-term reliability, field serviceability, and parts availability. Absolute EMS integrated electronics manufacturing services for industrial and semiconductor products allow you to focus on sales, customer relations, and running your business, while we manage the overall process and critical steps necessary to deliver market-ready products.

Absolute EMS has experience building a wide range of industrial products including the first security screening machines installed at the airports. Our extensive experience in electro-mechanical assembly and test along with our custom manufacturing of cell designs enable Absolute EMS to quickly ramp product to target volumes.

Green Technology EMS

At $6 trillion dollars the energy market is an innovative, rapidly growing sector. Many entrepreneurs recognize the promise of this very exciting market and have launched new products and services. The question remains: How do we get from vision to commercialized product quickly and cost effectively?

Absolute’s experience in new product introduction (NPI), coupled with our in-house capacity to integrate mechanical and electronic components, makes us an ideal partner for the green technology sector. We help guide customers through all of the critical stages including production of first product, then build on our established relationship as growth happens.

Absolute EMS Manufacturing Capacity, Scalability, and IP Protection

Our production capacity ranges from limited runs to large scale tier 1 production, with high quality standards in all cases.  We help safeguard your valuable IP by locating our manufacturing services in both the US and the Philippines, ensuring IP protection to United States standards throughout the manufacturing process: prototype through delivery.  Absolute EMS delivers solutions in a green environment with a focus on the lifecyle requirements of your product.

Absolute EMS delivers:

  • Highest possible convenience from our turnkey manufacturing facility and processes
  • Superior data management and integrated supply chain
  • Expertise in robotics and mechanical engineering
  • Proven systems to manage challenges of high-mix, low-volume products
  • Capability to develop test for electro-mechanical subassemblies
  • Utilization of Kanban and Backflush to provide tight management of mechanical parts

Absolute EMS Industrial, Security, and Green Tech Experience

  • Our product experience includes the 4G LTE service gateway device for Home Monitoring and Control Solutions to take advantage of the power of the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network. The service gateway device will enable home security monitoring with a security camera and energy management and home appliance monitoring from a Web portal and a wireless handset.
  • Absolute EMS provides turnkey manufacturing for security equipment makers and providers. We started at the early stage design of the PCBAs and took on the challenge to deliver annual usage quantities in the first month of the project. Our engineering teams designed a manufacturing process and developed subsystem tests in parallel to provide data and support for a high yield at final system assembly.
  • For a test instrumentation customer our mechanical engineering team redesigned a critical electro-mechanical subsystem to improve reliability, and also provided critical feedback to improve other mechanical aspects of the system.
  • Absolute EMS provides NPI (new product introduction) and full turnkey production to a security company for a data acquisition and assimilation product. Our customer had a unique challenge: redesign to RoHS compliance, transfer of test to Absolute EMS within a small window for shipment to OEMs in Europe and other overseas locations. Absolute EMS’s engineers reviewed and provided feedback on the design, developed a manufacturing process and detailed “method sheets” while concurrently developing the test platform. The program management and materials team worked within a compressed time frame to procure all of the necessary materials. Our close collaboration with our customer’s team resulted in a successful shipment to the OEM despite the aggressive deadline.
  • A startup LED lighting company engaged Absolute EMS to help support its NPI to high-volume manufacturing needs. We not only produced the initial prototypes but also developed complete manufacturing, test, and quality plans to take the customer rapidly from prototype to volume. This included developing custom processes, as well as providing invaluable redesign feedback aimed at reducing costs in volume production.
  • A solar energy company engaged Absolute EMS to build display panels for the house to monitor the usage of naturally produced electricity from the solar panels installed on the rooftops. Our customer understood the need for high reliability since analysts scrutinize performance and uptime of anything new in the marketplace. Absolute EMS designed a scalable manufacturing process for production at the highest quality levels.

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