Absolute EMS is registered to:
ISO 13485: 2003
ISO 9001: 2008
Certificate of Registration:

Absolute EMS Automotive Manufacturing Services

“Absolute EMS takes a logical and systematic approach to serving the value chain …”


Absolute EMS partners with automotive engineering firms that demand the highest levels of product quality, robustness to withstand harsh conditions, and traceability in component certification.  We understand the fundamental need for consistent precision and accuracy while maintaining responsiveness to a changing market.  As your company grows and market demand increases, Absolute EMS is your single point of contact for the entire lifecycle of your product and your production capacity requirements.

We are your committed partner throughout the prototype, production, and maintenance process for all your manufacturing needs. Absolute EMS uses state of the art Juki equipment to ensure the highest quality with low cost solutions in a green environment with a focus on the lifecyle requirements of your product.

Our production capacity ranges from limited runs to large scale tier 1 production, with high quality standards in all cases.  We help safeguard your valuble IP by locating our manufacturing services in both the US and the Philippines, ensuring IP protection to United States standards throughout the manufacturing process: prototype through delivery.

At Absolute EMS we have the infrastructure and the commitment and dedication to deliver automotive products that meet your expectations and technical requirements. We are ISO TS 16949 compliant and working towards registration. Absolute employs an experienced contract manufacturing team dedicated to collaborating with automotive electronics scientists, engineers, and product managers. Absolute is here to partner in your success.

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