Absolute EMS is registered to:
ISO 13485: 2003
ISO 9001: 2008
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“Absolute EMS can be counted on for competitive pricing and steady performance …”

Aerospace/ Defense

The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding and specialized segments for electronics manufacturing.  Products may be built infrequently, are often exposed to harsh environments, have long service lives and high-reliability requirements. Absolute EMS is structured to meet these challenges.  Absolute EMS delivers flexibility and responsiveness for your production volume requirements, state of the art quality, and low cost solutions in a green environment with a focus on the lifecycle requirements of your product.

Absolute EMS is experienced with New Product Introduction (NPI) and Low Volume High Mix (LVHM) builds, and can deliver cost savings through shared fixed costs and volume component purchases across our customer base. Being in business for over a 10 years, Absolute has established a reputation for superior in-house engineering and technical skill.

Absolute EMS develops and manufactures through its end-to-end solution sophisticated products for some of the most discerning organizations in the world.  Our production capacity ranges from limited runs to large scale tier 1 production, with high quality standards in all cases.  We help safeguard your valuable IP by locating our manufacturing services in both the US and the Philippines, ensuring IP protection to United States standards throughout the manufacturing process: prototype through delivery.

Absolute EMS delivers:

  • Ongoing full support of leaded manufacturing processes, while supporting conversion of leaded to non-leaded
  • Experience supporting a broad range of products with infrequent build requirements
  • Capabilities and programs to support legacy products
  • Component traceability for critical components
  • Extensive experience in repair and upgrade services, including failure analysis

Absolute EMS Aerospace and Defense Experience

  • Projects from inception to production, providing prototyping, test development and manufacturing of services for global organizations.
  • Complete end-to-end EMS services, including electro-mechanical assembly and testing in real time supply chain management and security solutions for the commercial, defense, and public sectors.
  • Tested printed circuit board assemblies to federal contractors that are known for their involvement in the field with top security products.

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