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ISO 13485: 2003
ISO 9001: 2008
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Absolute EMS Manufacturing Services Silicon Valley

“Absolute EMS is focused on end-to-end quality and excellence from concept to product to delivery …”

About Us

Absolute EMS founder and CEO Jeff with Juki equipment.

Our Mission

At Absolute EMS Inc. we are an energetic team of experts committed to being the best in our industry and delivering:

  • Excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Unparalleled quality and responsiveness.
  • Inspiring work environment for our entire team.

About Our Company

Founded in 1996, Absolute EMS Inc. provides turnkey and consignment manufacturing services to medical, automotive, industrial/semiconductor/green tech, and electronic engineering firms who need precision manufacturing capability. We deliver flexibility, state of the art quality, and low cost solutions in a green environment with a focus on the lifecyle requirements of your product.

Our production capacity ranges from limited runs to large scale tier 1 production, with consistently high quality results.  We safeguard your IP by locating our manufacturing services in the US and the Philippines, ensuring IP protection to United States standards throughout the manufacturing process: prototype through delivery.

Absolute EMS is a leader in end-to-end electronic manufacturing services solutions that help our customers rapidly introduce innovative new technology by facilitating speed-to-market in their marketplace. Speed-to-market starts with engineering services, and extends into prototypes, pilots and then into production.

Absolute EMS has recently added state of the art Juki equipment to provide for the highest quality manufacturing services available and the capability to deliver both high-volume and high-mix production.

A long time commitment to sustainability contributes to Absolute EMS leading the way for sustainable manufacturing operations among EMS organizations.

In about 2005, CEO Jeff smartly invested in 55.1-kilowatt solar arrays for the company’s roof – powering lights, computers, and other needs for just over the cost of powering an individual home with conventional electricity. Chemicals used throughout the facility – board-assembly and employee break areas alike – are natural and benign. Lights are motion controlled. They recycle everything. Employees bring lunch in reusable containers from home.

The executive culture at Absolute EMS (energy efficient cars and homes, drought-tolerant landscaping) underscores to all employees and customers an ethic of doing good work with minimal resources, maximum efficiency, and exemplary responsibility.  – Pamela J. Gordon, Technology Forecasters Blog, May 2013

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